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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees represents the community and plays a key role in assuring the accountability of the center’s health care services and its financial strength.  Board Meetings are usually held on the fourth Thursday of every month at 5:30pm and are open to the public.  For more info, meeting times and places, call 325-658-7750.  Correspondence to the Board of Trustees should be mailed to 1501 West Beauregard Avenue, San Angelo, Texas 76901, Attention: Board Liaison.

John Stokes

Chair - Board of Trustees
CPA, Crockett County Representative

Dianna Spieker

Vice-Chair - Board of Trustees, MHMRCV Personnel Committee
Tom Green County Treasurer

Jeff Gibson

Secretary/Treasurer - Board of Trustees, MHRMCV Personnel Committee
Pastor, Harriett Baptist Church

Dr. Tim Davenport-Herbst

Member - Board of Trustees, Board Liaison to the San Angelo Clubhouse, MHMRCV Finance Committee
Pastor, St. Paul's Presbyterian Church

Linda Kujawski

Member - Board of Trustees, Board Liaison to PNAC, MHMRCV Program Committee Chair

Cary Houston

Member - Board of Trustees, MHRMCV Personnel Committee
MCH Engineering

Don Mckee

Member - Board of Trustees, MHRMCV Finance Committee Chair
CPA, Reed McKee & Co., P.C.

Sangeeta Singg, PhD, LP, ACN

Member - Board of Trustees, MHMRCV Program Committee
Professor, Angelo State University

Burleigh Locklar, Jr.

Member - Board of Trustees
Operations Lt. Tom Green County Sheriff Office

Sheriff Jeff Garner

Member - Board of Trustees, MHMRCV Program Committee
Reagan County Sheriff Office

Jana Harrison

Member - Board of Trustees
Coordinator of Continuing Education, Howard College
Executive Leadership Team

The Executive Leadership Team reviews, advises, and coordinates all activities of the administration of the Center in accordance with the Board of Trustees’ policies and Administrative Procedures.

Gregory J. Rowe

Chief Executive Officer

John Wyatt

Chief Financial Officer

Annette Hernandez

Board Liaison/Director of Administrative Services

Monica Tello

Director of Human Resources

Melinda McCullough

Director of Operations

Eddie Wallace

Director of Mental Health Services

Georgana Brazeal-Huff

Director of IDD Services

Jared Baran

Director of Reimbursement
Community Advisory Committee

Advisory Committees provide input and recommendations to staff, members, and the Board of Trustees on policy, planning, system implementation, operations, and evaluation. The committees also make recommendations and assist in community relations and image building efforts.

Planning and Network Advisory Committee (PNAC)

Denise Boyle

PNAC Chair

Linda Kujawski

Member - Board of Trustees
Advocate, Board Liaison to PNAC, MHMRCV Program Committee Chair

Dr. Sue Chance

PNAC Member

Trudy Darling

PNAC Member

Linda Eckert

PNAC Member

Benjamin Garcia

PNAC Member

Betty Orsak

PNAC Member

Angel Ramon

PNAC Member

Mary Sanchez

PNAC Member

Judge Susan Werner

PNAC Member
San Angelo Clubhouse Advisory Committee (SACAC)

Leslie Bennett


Dr. Tim Davenport-Herbst

Pastor, St. Paul Presbyterian Church, MHMRCV BOT Liaison

Aaron Milan

Community Health Worker at Methodist Healthcare Ministries

Karen Best


Gregory Hickey

Mental Health Specialist Region 15 ESC

Rose Pelzel

Parent of Clubhouse Member

Jim Cisneros

Superintendent, San Angelo State Park

Karren Johnson, LCSW

Social Worker, West Texas Counseling and Guidance

Lesa Parry

Wesley Nurse, Methodist Healthcare Ministries

Sharon Conley

Community Member

Laura Lewis

Director, Senator Charles Perry

Sharon Troy

CCP Counselor