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MHMR Concho Valley helps adults living with mental illness and substance use disorder rebuild and maintain their mental and physical health. MHMR Concho Valley assists throughout a person’s recovery, from developing a person-centered recovery plan, coordinating services, advocating on your behalf and supporting a person in a crisis.

Outpatient services are provided according to the Texas Recovery and Resiliency model of the Texas Health & Human Services Commission.

Adult Behavioral Health Services

Medication Management: Our licensed physicians and nurse practitioners work in partnership with individuals, their support team, and our nursing team to promote safe and effective use of medications to assist individuals in reaching their desired wellness and recovery goals. We educate individuals and their support team on the importance of medication management and how, together, individuals can reach their recovery.

Case Management/Recovery Coach: At MHMRCV we offer Routine and Intensive Case Management for individuals in services. Routine Case Managers provide resources for individuals within their communities to receive continuity of care between their doctor and counselor visits. Intensive Case Managers meet more frequently with individuals, provide resources between visits, and ensure the individuals’ care plan is effective. Our Case Managers monitor care plans and make adjustments as needed to assist individuals in meeting their recovery goals.

Psychosocial Rehabilitative Services: Our therapeutic team assists individuals by building their strengths and restoring their ability to develop and maintain social relationships, occupational achievement, and educational goals.

Supported Housing: Our behavioral health services include a Supported Housing program that helps individuals locate and maintain safe, affordable housing. These supports are based on special needs of the individual, including locating low-cost housing, negotiating leases, acquiring household items, obtaining subsidies, moving into residences and successfully maintaining residences.

Visit Supported Housing Services to learn about all of our available housing assistance options.

Supported Employment: Our behavioral health services include a Supported Employment program to assist individuals with obtaining employment in their community.

Counseling: Dedicated counselors collaborate with individuals offering individual, couple, family, or group counseling to address trauma, bullying, depression, anxiety, and more behavioral health challenges. Our counselors work with the individual towards their identified goals to obtain their optimized wellness and recovery. MHMR Concho Valley often coordinates with community partner agencies to provide this service.

Drug & Alcohol Treatment: MHMRCV provides Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Services that provides an individualized focus within a program structure. Each person receives highly individualized treatment that enables persons to achieve stabilization of mental health conditions, maintain long-term sobriety, recovery, and positive life changes.

Visit Substance Use Services to learn more.